Unicon 16

We are doing our best to get everything ready for Unicon16. We look forward to the start of Unicon16 to celebrate this Event with you.


Some unicyclists are riding towards Unicon16 already on their unicycles, and soon everyone else will start the great journey to Unicon16. To make sure you find the right place here once again, the address of Unicon16 is:
Sportzone Süd
Fischzuchtweg 21
I-39042 Brixen / Bressanone,


Highway-Exit, Brixen-Süd, go towards Brixen,


Train: The Train-station is Bressanone / Brixen. The train station is 5 minutes tfrom the Unicon16 site. Follow the arrows to Unicon16. The site is in the direction of 2 o´clock, when you come out of the station underpass. http://goo.gl/maps/JCzm


Stop Club Max

Citybus: Bustop Sportzone Süd


Check-in for all participants and the handout of the starting-bags will occur during the first two days, July 19th and 20th. The signs “Registration” will be hard to miss…
Participants who arrive after July 20th have to go to the Info Point of Unicon16 and wait there until they pick up their bags.
Each participant must come in person for registration.
please bring:
– your ID card; we will verify the date of birth.
– printed registration form
– We will ask for your accommodation in Brixen
– Medical certification if needed
– The Registration is your last chance to unsubscribe from disciplines.

Each participant or his responsible adult will have to sign the final Registration-sheet before you get your Unicon16 wristband.
If you lose the wristband it can not be refunded.

Registration is open on July 19th from 9 to 21:00 and on July 20 from 9 to 15 and from 19 to 21:00

Opening Ceremony.

The Unicon16 will be officially opened on July 20th.
There is a parade of unicyclists from the stadium to Dompatz in Bressanone
The Opening ceremony begins at 15:00 with arrival at the stadium. The lap of the stadium is divided into 366 days.
As a start we have come up with something special. You have the unique opportunity to meet all the participants with the same birthday as your day of birth. All 366 possible days are marked in the stadium. When we play the happy birthday song over the speakers, it is time for you to go to your own birthday spot. It will take a little longer than 15 minutes till everyone has the right place.
The group “Lajener Goaslschnöller” will welcome all participants with a loud popping performance. After this the parade starts.
After the initial speech and a presentation of Schuhplattler, the opening ceremony ends at the Domplatz.

Our Sponsors

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Group photo

On Gauditag we want to do a large group photo with all the participants. To get into the Photo, please come on July 27 at 15:00 into the stadium. If you want a great place in the photo, you should also come on July 26 at 12:00 to the group photo instructions workshop.

Muni downhill
Plose train:

In order to practice on the Plose and use the gondola, we have the following reduced prices for all unicyclists:
All unicyclists get a single ride for € 8, and a day ticket for € 15 –
Owners of BrixenCard can use the gondola once a day for free. For an extra charge of € 5, they get a day pass.
The ride on July 28th for up-and downhill is free for all unicyclists.